A Well-known manufacturer and wholesaler of industrial paint, our customer base includes large industrial concerns such as:

      - Steel Industry

      - Municipalities

      - Pallet Manufacturers

Libra Paints is well known within the Decorative Paint Industry with a large portion of our client base being:

      - Low cost housing developers

      - Large paint contractors

      - Residential developers

Our Contractors Range is sold under the “Panda” brand

Libra Paints head office, Springfield Johannesburg


With the current development of Africa, many countries are investing in the upgrading of their infrastructure and opportunities for construction and infrastructure redevelopment have become important growth areas.


Libra Paints successfully exports our products through local export agencies and distribution centres within South Africa for export to other countries predominantly Africa and the Middle East.

Our production and warehousing facility allows us to prepare and package products for export requirements.


We are continually looking for opportunities to develop the Libra Paints brand in Africa; partnership agreements can be set in place for agencies and companies wishing to distribute Libra Paints outside of South Africa.

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