Product Data Sheet

Material Safety Data

Primer Bituminous Black

Synthetic rubber modified bitumen emulsion suitable for use on most surfaces as well as areas where there is ponding water.

Bitumen based solvent thinned primer for use on concrete, asbestos and most metals.

Bitumen based aluminium coating for use on primed or unprimed surfaces.  Has extremely good weathering properties.

Heavy Duty Aluminium
Sure Seal All Purpose
Elastomer Saturator

Heavy duty bitumen based waterproofing compound for use with polycryl on primed or unprimed concrete surfaces and metal roofs.

Acrylic emulsion based saturator for use on concrete surface, tiled and zinc roofs.  Use membrane with saturator.

Heavy duty bitumen fibre filled base aluminium compound, for use on primed or unprimed surfaces where extreme durability is required.

Moisture Cure
Acrylic Waterproofing

Alkali resistant product with moisture curing properties to seal off moisture seepage.

Acrylic emulsion based water proofer for use on concrete surfaces/tiles and metal roofs. Can be used for hairline cracks on scratch plaster. Has an elastic component which allows the filling of cracks up to 15mm wide

Superb glossy, clear dressing that restores the natural depth and colour of brickwork, wood, tiles, steel for interior/exterior surfaces.

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