Product Data Sheet

Material Safety Data

Galvanised Iron Cleaner
QD Zinc Chromate Primer
QD Zinc Phosphate Primer

A quick drying multi-purpose rust inhibiting primer for all clean steel surfaces

Clear solution containing solvents, detergents, emulsifiers and acidic material

A quick drying multi-purpose primer for use on clean or blasted steel

Water Based Primer
Etch Primer (Single Pack)
Etch Primer (Twin Pack)

For aluminium and galvanized products, this is a quick drying, anti-corrosive primer with a strong adhesive

A superior general purpose primer for use on aluminium galvanised or clean steel

An anti-corrosive primer for use where solvent fumes cannot be tolerated

Nitro-Cellulose Primer/ Surfacer
Epoxy Zinc Chromate Primer Dual Pack
Epoxy Undercoat Dual Pack

A dual pack chemical resistant primer for use on all sandblasted or well prepared steel surfaces

A dual pack chemical resistant undercoat for use on all clean surfaces that has been primed by Libra Epoxy Zinc Chromate

An easy to sand primer for wood or steel

Epoxy Enamel
Epoxy Pipe Coating
QD Enamels

A dual pack chemical resistant coating to be applied as a primer and finishing coat on al sandblasted and well prepared steel surfaces

A dual pack chemical resistant finishing coat for use on concrete surfaces or metal that has been prepared with Epoxy Primer

This range of Industrial Enamels is of a high quality and can be used on all suitably primed surfaces for interior and exterior

QD Transparent Coating
QD Hammertone
Coach Enamel

A decorative and protective coating to be used on an uneven or pitted surface to hide defects

A decorative and protective coating for use on exposed or machined steel

High quality enamel suitable for interior or exterior surfaces on wood or steel where extreme durability is required (coach building, trailers, etc.)

Chlorinated Rubber Enamel
Polyurethane Enamel
Bituminous Black

A dual pack polyurethane acrylic enamel exhibiting excellent weathering properties

An economical protective coating for use on most clean steel surfaces

General purpose chlorinated enamel for use where high water and acid resistance is required

Bituminous Aluminium
Heat Resistant Aluminium

A general purpose heat resistant aluminium paint, having high lustre and not needing a primer. Heat resistant up to 243°C

A clear coating for use on steel especially where all rust cannot be removed by conventional cleaning methods

This high lustre product having good durability and is mainly intended for use on bituminous based surfaces

Roadline Paint
Temporary Protective Coating
Nitro-Cellulose Lacquer Clear

A temporary protective coating to use on any steel surface to prevent rust

A marking paint for use on all road surfaces or demarcation lines in factories or warehouses

A protective and decorative coating for wooden surfaces where a high gloss finish is required

Reaction Lacquer
Pallet Paints
Cold Galvanising 2 Pack

Water based acrylic paint for use on wooden pallets

An acid catalysed two pack lacquer for wood

(Incl Zinc Dust Powder)

Used for repair of damaged galvanised steel or as a substitute for conventional galvanising

Coil Coating

Specifically for Aluminium and galvanised surfaces and newly abrasive blasted clean steel

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