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Material Safety Data

Intumescent Coating
Contractors Acrylic PVA

First coat for new walls and ceilings.

Formulated to give complete obliteration

on interior and

exterior surfaces

A high build coating for protection of all surfaces against fire

A good washable PVA to be used as a first or finishing coat for interior or exterior uses.

Super Acrylic PVA

This product is a superior quality emulsion based textured wall coating containing mica for long lasting results.

A washable eggshell acrylic PVA with excellent properties, for us on interior or exterior surfaces.

This acrylic PVA is supplied ready for use on any prepared surface interior or exterior.

High-Gloss Enamel
Eggshell Enamel

High quality paint suitable for interior or exterior use on wood, plaster or steel surfaces as a protective or decorative coat.

Top quality paint for interior use only, on walls, subject to heavy abrasion and soiling.

An acrylic emulsion which dries to a hard, attractive finish with a stipple effect.

Writing Enamel
Pink Primer For Wood
Pigmented Plaster Primer

A high quality primer for use on wood only.

A high gloss finish with excellent hiding power, light fastness and gloss retention.

A special primer for use on new plaster for interior and exterior surfaces.

Universal Undercoat
Bonding Liquid
(Solvent or Water-based)
Copal Varnish

This product has very good alkali sealing properties and minimises the absorption of subsequent coats of paint.

A general purpose undercoat which can be used on well primed wood or steel surfaces.

High gloss, clear varnish having durable properties, is hard wearing and suitable for interior or exterior woodwork.

Clear Plastic
Brick Dressing
Eggshell Varnish

This product is a superb glossy, clear dressing that restores the natural depth and colour of brickwork for use on interior and exterior.

This product gives a pleasing eggshell finish is hard wearing and suitable for interior use on wooden surfaces.

A transparent, decorative abrasion resistant plastic coating suitable for interior surfaces.

Wood Dressing
Polyurethane Varnish Gloss (Single Pack)

This product is available in a range of colours to stain the grain of new wood to the desired colour.

This product is a one pack, air drying synthetic varnish which dries to a very tough flexible, gloss finish for interior use only.

Specially formulated as a protective and finishing coat on exposed timber and is resistant to direct sunlight.

Brick Dressing (Water-based)
Floor Coating
Paint Remover

A hard-wearing abrasion resistant gloss product which enhances the appearance of concrete floors.

A clear water based glossy coating to enhance face brick and pavers.  Does not retain dirt and allows surface to breathe.

A universal, water rinseable, paint remover.

Sheep And Cattle Marking
Aluminium Paint

Formulated to obtain a chalky matte finish, this is a quick-dry coating suitable for use on all surfaces, previously painted or raw.

An economical product developed for use on hides and skins for identification purposes.

General purpose paint suitable for interior and exterior surfaces.  Dries to a high lustre coupled with excellent durability.

Acrylic Roof Paint (Brush)
Roof Paint (Spray)
Libra High Cover

This product is specially formulated to give excellent exterior durability and superb weather resistance on galvanised or tiled roofs.

This product is specially formulated to give excellent interior and exterior durability and superb weather resistance.

This product is specially formulated to give excellent exterior durability and superb weather resistance. Contains Mica.

Ceiling Coat

A high quality Acrylic PVA to be used as a one coat ceiling application.

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